In Which Habits to Excel at Good Reading Are Encouraged

butterfly book

Dear– ,

In response to your query I offer you my advice for developing the life-giving and utterly grounding habit of becoming a robust reader. I wish you all good fortune as you undertake what is destined to become — if you succeed — an excellent adventure!

~ Pace yourself, withal. Each book has its own process of discovery and interior animation.

~ Indeed, be vigilant to overthrow distractions. There will always be something else you can do. But, upon my word, remember: reading is doing something. It is feeding the mind and expanding soul at the same time.

~ Many types of books can arouse inspiration. Render yourself permission  to find whichever genre animates you and delve into it. Also remember: simply because a friend says some book was “the best book I’ve read” and has lent it to you does not mean it will be the best you have ever read. Reading a book is an intimate relationship and you are not obliged to like what other people like.  In any case, please remember to return the loaned book!

~ Alternate reading between new offerings and proven classics. Time is the true test of all good writing. Those books that have passed the test of time are always worth a good sit and a solid read.

~  Get a good chair, or a comfy couch with a solid end table (where you will stack your books) and make that your reading spot and your happy place.

Forthwith: Slow down.  Pick up a good book.

~ Best Regards, as always, etc.

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  1. Roberta Taillon

    Wendy, we need more Regards…..

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